Keep Your Heart Healthy

If you’re having health problems, getting an MRI is an easy, painless way to check for a variety of conditions that can be difficult to diagnose with other methods. An open mri machine can detect various health problems and provide clear images of body tissue that help with difficult diagnosis of many health conditions.

Many health problems can’t be seen well with ultrasound, X-rays, and CAT scans. One of those conditions is heart problems. Coronary artery disease is commonly caused by blocked blood vessels or narrowing of the arteries that supply blood to your heart. This condition, known as atherosclerosis, is one of the most common types of heart disease. It often goes undetected by people who have it, but it is the leading cause of angina and heart attacks.

When your arteries are narrowing or clogged, arterial plaque can build up causing symptoms like heart palpitations, chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, sweating and nausea. Since these symptoms are linked to a variety of less serious health conditions, many people don’t suspect heart problems. An ECG is often done to detect heart conditions such as irregular heart beats, abnormal heart rhythms, and blocked arteries. According to the National Institutes of Health, MRI is more effective than ECG for detecting silent heart attacks, those that often have no signs or symptoms. Silent heart attacks are more common in older adults, especially those with diabetes. Research shows that people who have silent heart attacks usually have high risk factors including high blood pressure and blocked arteries with plaque buildup, but many are not on medications. An open mri machine is very helpful in identifying these problems in older adults.

If you suspect that you may have a heart condition such as atherosclerosis, talk to your doctor about having an MRI. The … Read More ...

Three Budget-Friendly Ways To Get Healthy

While many people want to get healthy, they oftentimes fail to do so because they fear that they don’t have the money necessary to make wellness happen. If this is one of your current life dilemmas, know that solutions abound. Below you’ll find several budget-friendly strategies that you can use to get healthy now:

  1. Meditate.

One of the most budget-friendly (and effective) health strategies under the sun is meditation. Meditation is powerful because it helps the individual identify and eliminate negative, repetitive, and otherwise unhealthy thought patterns that can cause stress or detract from the ability to think creatively and critically. There are multiple meditation modalities out there, so people shouldn’t feel limited when it comes to accessing and implementing a methodology they find beneficial, easy, etc.


  1. Walk Outside.

Another budget-friendly strategy you can use to get healthy is walking outside for fifteen minutes every single day. This technique is beneficial because being in the outdoors regularly is linked to great outcomes like mental clarity, weight loss/weight management, and lowered blood pressure. To make walking outside a habit, commit to engaging in this activity for 30 days. It might be healthy to tie walking outside to a morning ritual such as having a cup of coffee or going to your yoga class. Walking outside right before or after these activities can help make this new health strategy a ritual for you.


  1. Buy (And Use) Floss.

One final budget-friendly strategy you can use to get healthy is buying and using floss. This technique is helpful because it contributes to oral health, which in turn precipitates overall wellness. Floss precipitates oral health for many reasons, including the fact that the removal of excess debris in the teeth decreases susceptibility to illnesses of the mouth. Note that flossing is not the … Read More ...